currently sat in my freezing cold living room, wearing a suit and waiting for my interac skype interview. I feel like an utter twat. #far too early in the morning

Things i miss about Japan #4

Matcha flavoured products! Probably the first thing i will be looking for when i get back to Japan is a matcha cream frappuccino from starbucks. I know it sounds weird that the first thing i want to do is go to an american coffee shop but god damn are those things delicious. I was holding onto the hope that maybe they sold them here in the UK even though they’re not on the menu but no :( I am disappoint.

Apart from frappuccinos there are of course matcha flavoured kitkats, cakes, ice cream, matcha lattes…  But most importantly i want to have actual good quality 3000yen for a tiny pot real matcha. Matchaaaa D:

Things I missed about England #3

Following the theme of my last post I would have to say that I missed food vending machines.
Japan may be seen as the land of vending machines but their snack vending machines are practically non existent. I saw hot food, ice cream, hot and cold drinks, underwear (clean), book and newspaper vending machines in Japan but I don’t think I actually ever saw one that sold snacks which was quite surprising. Maybe they’re not so popular because it’s seen as bad to eat and walk at the same time?

Things I miss about Japan #3

Vending machines! With a vending machine every few metres it’s probably impossible to get dehydrated in Japan. I loved being able to buy a hot chocolate on the way to uni in the winter, or that really nice hot lemon and honey drink that I forget the name of ^^;
It was really a life saver in the summer though. When it got to 40c I was glad to always not be that far from an ice cold drink ^-^
I think my first purchase in Japan was actually a red bull from a vending machine in shibuya in some kind of attempt to battle jet lag. Ah good times.

Things I missed about England #2

Baking! I only had a 500w microwave, a rice cooker and a hob when I was living in Japan which wasn’t very conductive for baking ^^; Though I did hear of some kind of sorcery involving rice cookers… Also the ingredients were ridiculously expensive and/or difficult to find so I pretty much gave up on everything but pancakes for the year :(
I bought lots of ingredients yesterday so let the baking commence! It’s been too long since I’ve had an oven! XD I will be making all of the Halloween themed baked products :D

Things I miss about Japan #2

One of the things I really appreciated about life in Japan was how safe it was. I felt completely comfortable walking on my own at night and if I wanted to save my seat I would just leave my purse on it with no fear of it being stolen. I once left my bag on a bench outside the uni coop whilst I went to buy something and it was absolutely fine. It was also completely normal to carry the equivalent of a few hundred pounds in your purse. Which many men kept half hanging out of their back pocket…

England is not like that. At all. Oxford isn’t so bad but I definitely wouldnt walk on my own at night in Bradford. It just feels incredibly unsafe here. If I left my bag unattended even in my university library it would probably be stolen and I rarely carry more money than about £50. Although there obviously still is crime in Japan it just felt a lot safer and I really miss that.

Observations of England from a japanese exchange student

I’m really glad two of my japanese friends were able to come to my uni on exchange this year. It’s really interesting seeing what they think about everything.
I found their reaction to the British way of crossing roads to be quite amusing. We were standing at an intersection waiting for the lights to change but about 5 or so people just walked ahead of us despite it still being red. This prompted various exclamations like 「危ない!」(that’s so dangerous!) etc.
I’ve unfortunately lost the ability to cross roads like a normal british person but I’m hoping that won’t last too long ^^; it’s pretty embarrassing standing at the lights like an idiot when everyone else is just crossing…

Things I missed about England #1

After over a year of waiting I’ve finally been able to eat a Bradford curry XD Although they do have Indian food in Japan it really isn’t the same. They’re usually not nearly as spicy and a lot of the time it just tasted completely different. Bradford curry I missed you!
I think most of what I missed about England was food to be honest ^^; I’m still making my way through all the food I’ve been missing whilst studying in Japan. I’ve only got a year to enjoy it before I’m (hopefully!) back to Japan. 太るかなー 笑

Things I miss about Japan #1

I really miss ‘31’ right now :( I recently watched a video of some japanese kids trying the new Halloween ice cream available at the moment in Japan and it really made me want some! They’re selling my absolute favourite flavour ‘magical mint night’ at the moment and it’s only sold around October. I won’t be able to eat it for another year! UK baskin robins, you disappoint me!

So I went to the accomodation office to ask if they could fix the heating in my room and provide us with a new Hoover because that’s broken as well. They said they’d get it sorted in a few days which is all good. However. I got an email today saying that they are sending us a dining table and chairs tomorrow. So instead of fixing what needs to be fixed they’re sending us something that we don’t need, didnt ask for and have no room for. Gotta love brookes.

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