currently sat in my freezing cold living room, wearing a suit and waiting for my interac skype interview. I feel like an utter twat. #far too early in the morning

I am successfully back in the uk and moved into my new house in Oxford! I’m still way too excited about British food and ive yet to go to a supermarket ^^; I’ve had a full English breakfast, a greggs sausage roll and dominos pizza. Life is so so good.
Azusa arrived in Oxford last night and I helped her move in and find food and things. She ended up staying the night at mine which was good because my house is absolutely freezing so at least I had some extra body warmth. I need to invest in more blankets. All the blankets.
The new place isn’t too bad though. My room is a good size and the living room and kitchen are both pretty nice. It’s quite old though and the carpet in my room is a bit shit. But overall nothing to complain about really. It’s only student housing after all ^^;

Just about managed to get to narita with all my stuff. Successfully through immigration and am now waiting for my flight which is only 10 minute late. There’s also a possibility that my plane will have wifi! Very exciting. Probably wont have it though… Next stop Russia!

And the japanese test is complete! Im apparantly high intermediate and am at jlpt 2 level, rejoice! This means i can probably take all the modules i want to take this year. Once i fill out the miles of paperwork because the deadline for choosing modules has passed but they still havent given us a grade for last year. So we cant choose our modules yet. Ah gotta love brookes’ organisation

Had a fantastic last weekend in Japan :) The sailor moon musical was amazing, it was like a dream. I cant believe how lucky i was to have the opportunity to go. The sailor moon musicals were cancelled quite some time ago and after this there will probably never be another one :( The actors were perfect for their roles and im glad that it was an all female class. Tuxedo Kamen was amazing XD I may have spent too much on merchandise though…only like…6000 yen? ish? I bought the laptop case, cup and pamphlet. Im so glad i was able to buy the cup because it said on the website they werent being sold until the 17th. They were only selling one design but im still just glad i was able to buy it >.<

Afterwards we went to a ramen place for lunch which was so good. My last ramen in Japan! Spent the whole day just hanging in shibuya with Mamiko and then when she had to go home i met up with Itsumi. It was good to be able to catch up with her, its been a while since weve been able to meet. Luckily Itsumi is an awesome person and she let me stay at her place in Yokohama for the night instead of having to find somewhere to stay in Tokyo. Sleepover times!

Today i met Charlotte and Stephanie and we did some shopping in Shibuya which was torture for me because i literally cant buy anything else. Im already pushing it a bit with the luggage allowance. Im going to be wearing 3 jumpers and a coat through security…

I got my hair cut though, in preparation for my glorious return to england. The guy tried to use hair straighteners on my hair without using heat protecting spray but i told him if he did that it would kill my hair. Japanese people may be able to do it but it would literally fry my hair if i used hair straightners without spray… One thing i do love about this hair dressers though is that they always give the female customers a male hairdresser and the men get a female hairdresser. They know how to get customers :p

Afterwards we had lunch at sweets paradise where i ate far too much cake and then we went to Hamamatsucho to make a pilgramage to the pokemon centre (also torture) and went to Tokyo Tower which i never got round to doing until now. I also took pictures of the dead baby statues for Kitty :)

Im now on my own in a manga cafe where i will be spending my last night in Japan. I also have to do my japanese placement test tonight which somehow seems rather fitting. All alone in a manga cafe in japan, completing a japanese test, fueled by the all you can drink melon soda. Well, there are worse things in life.

Although im sad to be leaving Japan it will be good to go back to England. Im dreading hauling all my shit across the world but i will have to perservere with the thought that bacon awaits me at the end. Fingers crossed ill be able to fly tomorrow!

There’s a typhoon coming to Tokyo the day I’m leaving so I’m not sure if ill be able to fly :/ Japan clearly doesn’t want me to leave :P

To the next British students at Yamanashi University

Ive put all my stuff outside room 2003 for you guys to use. Sorry theres so much but i hope you can find a use for some of it!

If you need any help when you get here just ask Stephanie. Shes in room 3002 and very disappointed that neither of you will be on the 3rd floor ^^; Have a great year!

So not only did Brookes only give us one week notice for the placement exam, they also failed to tell us that it can take up to 72hours to receive the password to take the test. So it looks like im screwed. I’ve asked for an extension but i don’t know whether they’ll give me it or not. Maybe ill be able to do it in a manga cafe.. What a fabulous end to my year abroad.

Totally forgot to make a reservation for my leaving party tomorrow…oops? I just made the reservation though and it was fine. All is good. I am a totally organised person.

God damn keigo though. Ive just about picked up enough that i can understand what they’re saying to me when i make reservations. Just.

success! My suitcase is just the right size for carry on! 本当によかった!

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